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Little Gems Daycare was opened in November, 2010, to serve the children of public school employees.  We are a non-profit organization that follows the same schedule as public school teachers; if the teachers have to work, we are open.

This center strives to provide a loving, safe, and productive environment for the children of our educators in Carteret County. Thus allowing them to remain in the classroom where WE need THEM to teach OUR children.  With the decline in our economy, teachers have found themselves faced with a decision to either pay the rising cost of childcare or stay home and out of the profession they have been trained for. Teachers are forced to pay for traditional daycare, which is 52 weeks out of the year, even holidays and summers when their children do not even attend.  The outside market requires this in order to hold their spot in the enrollment for the next year. Traditional daycare has no choice since they are open most of the 52 weeks out of the year.

Our daycare doesn't charge for Christmas, Easter, or summer vacation.  We are closed like the public schools.  This provides a savings of $1500-$3000 annually for educators.

Our organization services the children of any public school employee.  Our staff is comprised of 60% retired school teachers or school employees.  We have worked in the field of education for a combined total of 87 years.  We are dedicated to the profession and want to work to see that our qualified teachers are able to stay in the classroom doing what we need them to do, all the while knowing their own children are in a facility that will provide a safe, loving, and educational environment at a discounted rate.