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We would not be where we are and what we are if we did not have Ms. Doris Buffett behind us every step of the way.  Ms. Buffett supported our idea from the beginning.  She gave us the start-up money,  All this would have been impossible without her.  We cannot say " thank you" enough to Ms. Buffett.

If you are interested in sending messages of thanks to Ms. Buffett, please direct them to: 

Sunshine Lady Foundation, P. O. Box 1074 Morehead City, NC 28557

We have classified our BIG Gems by the following:

Hope Diamond - $50,000 + ------------------------------ Ms. Buffett

Diamond -  $10,000+ -----------------------------------------

Emerald  - $1,000+ ------------------------------------------- Diane and Bill Grimsley

                                                                          Teacher's Pet

                                                                          Anonymous Donor

Rubies - $500 + ------------------------------------------------ Dr. Cathy Tomon

                                                                          Lowe's Home Improvement

Sapphires - $100+ -----------------------------------------  Best Buy, David Rea-Farm Bureau, Jon and Heather Blackwell, M/M Gordon Slaughter, M/M Dovard Padgett, M/M Gary Foy, Emma Brooks, Foy Family Reunion Committee, Bennie and Marylene Vines, David and Louise Hughes, Todd and Pam Pair, Linda and Mike Mann, Keel's Floor Fashions

Memorial Donations totaling  $1207 were made in the name of Louise Foy Baugus

Anyone wishing to contribute to our non-profit organization may send contributions to :  Little Gems Daycare, 1158 Highway 24, Newport, NC 28570 or contact Sharon Baugus @ 252-222-4367.