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We have been approved to receive a grant from an anonymous donor for our newly proposed program "Rock and Read".  This money is earmarked for books and supplies to help get this "show on the road"

We would like to have volunteers come into our facility to read to our children once or twice weekly.  They may also volunteer to record books on tape for us to include in an audio center we will be setting up in each of the two older groups classes.

Thanks to our donor for being a part of our community that supports the public school teachers and their children.


A GREAT BIG "Thank You"  to Keel's Floor Fashions of Newport.  They graciously donated a 5'x12' rug for us to use in our "Rock and Read" room.  We are so thankful for our community support to Little Gems.


We have one (1) opening at the present time in our Toddler group.  Anyone interested should contact Little Gems at 252-222-4367 for more information.


We are trying to improve our play area for the children.  We are looking for grants, donors, contributors that would pledge to help us get our playground up to par.  If you are interested or have suggestions please contact Sharon at littlegems@centurylink.net or Ryan Koczot at ryan.koczot@carteretk12.org

We know the need for physical activity and its importance in the overall child.  We have also learned from research that some of the children who are very high energy indoors tend to be calmer and more focused when they are in an Outdoor Classroom.  Our goal is to eventually have the resources and equipment to help our little gems be engaged in meaningful physical play when outdoors.  We plan to provide a space with open-ended play that will foster imagination, creativity and abstract thinking all the while providing the physical activity necessary for a strong, healthy child. 

Below are the items we hope to include in our outdoor classroom.  We plan to complete this in phases, so the list is prioritized as we see it.  I  have included a estimated cost per item.  If you would like to help with this project, please contact Sharon at littlegems@centurylink.net or call 252-222-4367.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated.   

Phase 1

1) Enlarged fenced area--------------------------------------------------------------------$1400.00

2) Parachute Play Pack -------------------------------------------------------------------      269.00

3) Outdoor tossing game ----------------------------------------------------------------       239.00

4) Basketball Goals with different level goals -------------------------------------       279.00

5)  Variety of Balls (shapes and sizes)----------------------------------------------       125.00

6)  Storage for Playground equipment ---------------------------------------------        350.00

7)  Shaded Structure 14'x20'----------------------------------------------------------        3000.00

8)  2 outdoor benches @ $145-------------------------------------------------------          290.00

9) Sand box with seats with cover 5'x10'------------------------------------------           549.00

10) New sand ----------------------------------------------------------------------------            150.00

Phase 2

1) Donut trike track ----------------------------------------------------------------------          700.00

2) New Surfacing for playground ---------------------------------------------------          3000.00

3) Heavy duty Tricycles 4 @ $180-------------------------------------------------              720.00

4)  Planter boxes (for gardening) 2 @ $273----------------------------------------         546.00

5)  Outdoor Double Art Easel ----------------------------------------------------------          631.00

6)  Outdoor Music Center --------------------------------------------------------------            300.00