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Our Board of Directors serve a very important role to Little Gems Daycare Center.  They meet three to four times annually, or as the need arises. 

Our Board of Directors are:

Ryan Koczot - President/ Treasurer

Phil Panzarella - Vice President

Joanne Norman - Secretary

Anna Storms

Jon Blackwell/ Jen Garman

Jon graciously accepted this position from the beginning.  He is now ready to hand over the reins to someone that would like to step into this position.  Jennifer Garman, Emily and James' Mom has volunteered to take his place.

So, at our next meeting, Jen Garman will be our fifth Board Member.  Thanks, Jen

Our BOD met with the BOD of the WOW to discuss the rent.  We are hoping that we can come to an agreement on the amount of rent to be paid for the use of the building.


Please check out this survey by clicking the link below.  Give us your feedback.  We need one member per family to complete the survey, please.