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We are a non-profit organization that provides a safe, loving, and an  educational environment for the children of teachers.  We take care of THEIR children so they can continue to take care of YOUR children in the classroom.

This website is designed to keep our parents informed of our daily happenings.  We are also providing an avenue for any teacher interested in our services to see what we are all about.

Our facility offers priority to teachers of Carteret County, NC. If an opening is not filled then we do accept children outside the profession.  This is with the understanding of our schedule and times of operation.

  We follow the same schedule as Carteret County public school teachers. If the teachers have to work, then we are open.  We are closed during Christmas vacation, Easter vacation, and the summer months. Our hours of  operation  are 7:00 am-5:00 pm on regular school days.  On teacher workdays our hours are 7:00 am-4:00 pm.

We have our children divided into three classes; infants - 6 weeks- 18 months, toddlers - 19 months - 35 months, and our Pre-K class - 3-5 years old.  We have a total enrollment of 25 children. 

We are beginning a program to encourage our children's love for books.  This program is called "Rock and Read".  We would like to encourage members of our community, especially those that have retired, to sign up to come into our facility to read to our children, record books on tape for our children to enjoy, or to present a story through puppets or dramatic play.

You may contact us by email: littlegems@centurylink.net or by calling Sharon Baugus@ 252-222-4367